19 April 2013

Welcome to my blog

Welcome everyone to my very own blog!

I used to think that writing my own blog may be looked upon as really self-indulgent, similar to having your own website but I have come to realise the importance of these spaces on the internet to connect with other people and get your message out.  With some of the plans and ideas I have and want to carry out these spaces are essential.  Having just started my own business and the expense involved in that and creating a website for that I have put off and put off creating my own personal website but now I just can't put it off any longer and I'll get to why shortly.

Ok so that's the website but why the blog??  Well a website is great, it is very structured and packed with information but a blog, a blog is a place that can provide an insight into the way I think, the things I want to achieve and the way I live.  I have Asperger's Syndrome and for a while I have wanted to raise awareness about Asperger's Syndrome and do something to help others with the condition.  And as somebody with Asperger's Syndrome there are a lot of things I find frustrating such as the fact that so many pieces of information are so difficult to access and make sense of, how many people don't have a clue about Asperger's and that so many that do have so much inaccurate information...  And that is just the 'tip of the iceberg'.  I want to do what I can to create a positive change and a blog is a big part of that because this is an insight into me, someone with Asperger's and the way I live and see things.  Of course not all people with Asperger's are completely the same as I am, some will be completely different but I can only comment on my experience of it until I can understand how others experience it. 

My blog is going to cover everything from the heavy stuff when I'm struggling with things through to the good things and even just my take on things happening in the world.  Hopefully I will manage to get one post out a week, I'm not expecting people to be enthralled by and excitedly anticipating my next post, I just want to put it out there because I'm open enough to do so.  I have been lucky that I have had some really good people around me who have helped me tremendously over the last few years, I have achieved some great things in my life already and I want to show that people with Asperger's CAN be successful and CAN achieve when they are given the support they need and an opportunity to succeed. 

So that's my blog up and running, oh and before I forget....why I can wait no longer to create my own personal website and my Asperger's awareness campaign?  Well of course April is Autism Awareness month and the 2nd of April was World Autism Awareness Day.  When on twitter on this day I was inspired by the number of people out there doing things to raise awareness and to make the lives of those on the autism spectrum better.  It got me thinking and I really just couldn't hold back any longer, so here I am!

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