15 August 2014

Sponsors for 2014 - SEN Magazine & Tough Furniture Ltd

2014 has been very difficult for me. It has been a year with challenges everywhere I turn - I have had significant injuries, a diagnosis of ADHD and a lot more in between. One thing that has been consistent with other years though has been the need and battle to find funding for my sport, in particular the World Championships. I had hoped to raise the money bit by bit over the course of the year but circumstances meant this was not possible, instead I had a lot of stress over the last month or two trying to find what to me is such a large sum of money.

I wrote to companies and appealed over social media through my Go Fund Me page and the response from friends and followers in sharing my fund page and offers to help me find a sponsor were simply amazing. I am lucky to have and know such kind and caring people and I'd like to thank you all now for your efforts.

Fortunately I have managed to find sponsorship and it has relieved such a huge amount of stress. I have always found it so hard to find sponsors so to have people come forward and offer to sponsor me has just been so unbelievable and I really hope that I do not let them down. So I wanted to take the time to announce my sponsors and explain a little about what they do.

SEN Magazine - www.senmagazine.co.uk

SEN Magazine is the UK's leading special educational needs magazine which provides inspiring features, the latest news and practical advice on all things SEN. Keep up to date, read articles by SEN experts, share best practice and develop your skills.

Tough Furniture Ltd - www.toughfurniture.com

Tough Furniture - for challenging environments. Tough Furniture are specialists in the supply of attractive, yet very strong furniture, to suit the special needs of challenging environments where abuse, carelessness or challenging behaviour is a problem.

I am so grateful to both SEN Magazine and Tough Furniture for their support as without it would be impossible for me to fund both myself and the additional supporter that I need to be able to attend. Please follow the links to their websites to find out more about them and like / follow them on facebook. 

Once again thanks to everyone who contributed to my Go Fund Me page. I am still looking for sponsors for the Irish Open next year and UK competitions and raising money to cover my training costs (including remedial treatments) so money contributed so far will go toward my preparation for the World Championships.

For more information check out my newly updated website www.joredman.com

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